Apartment buildings Loděnice

Urban study of apartment buildings

David Chromík – CAMA
Lenka Chromíková, Žaneta Mlodziková, Leona Horská, David Ďurčík, Lucie Baumová

project:                        2019
investor:                      Skanska a. s.

Area for sale - apartments/ non-residential premises: 8 538,5 m2
Area for sale - greenery: 1 686 m2
Number of flats: 103
Number of non-residential premises: 5

The design of this project is based on the former urbanism of the town. The former structure of Loděnice is a grown-up area of small scale. There were added some scale-like objects creating some interesting residential spaces between.

The western side of the designed complex is following the current street line and creates a longitudinal side of Husovo square. Into the square is facing the proposed corner building which is closing and saving the following complex against noise from Pražská street.

Objects following the corner building are creating private and semi-public spaces.

In the parter you can find private gardens. Transport and parking are outside the objects and are separated from apartments by greenery. You can find some of the parking places also in semi-recessed underground of the first courtyard. This solution is counting with natural sloping of the ground.


The proposal is respecting the heights of buildings in the square. The designed complex is of different heights. Apartment buildings are of graduating form to make some views, sun exposure of apartments, and to make the impression of grown-up area.

You can find some modular system objects made for the project SKANSKA LIVO. These objects were created in cooperation with Goldbeck company.

There are not the inside communications in the buildings. Entrances to flats are from outside galleries.

By turning of designed buildings is possible to variate the basic project. It is possible to create a closed courtyard or vivid loose urbanism. The LIVO system is very variable. You can design from one object different complexes suitable for the current urban situation.