Dívčí hrady
Dívčí hrady
Dívčí hrady
Dívčí hrady
Dívčí hrady

Dívčí hrady

Prague 5, U Dívčích hradů
Residential Building

author: David Chromík - CAMA
cooperation: Jindřich Matějka, Martin Beránek, Veronika Jugová

project: 2007 
investor: RSCredit s.r.o.
construction costs: CZK 70 Mio

floor space area: 3 847 m2
enclosed space: 11 998 m3
number of floors/basements: 5/1

The lot is situated near the center between the street Radlická and Dalejské and Prokop Valley. The area is part of a residential area near the one of Prague peaks called Devin. Distinctive view of Prague skyline with beautiful walks in nature, which is in close proximity, increases the value of the expected building. The big advantage is the excellent accessibility to the center from the metro station Radlická or Smíchovské station.
Land for the proposed construction is triangular in shape. Our intention was to involve building to the most in-depth of the lot, towards the most beautiful views of Prague. Basis of the concept consists of three objects, given by especially internal arrangement (staircase), which gradually move back. On this basis four villas are inserted - objects, giving the impression of villas built on a stone base. Retaining wall, which is based on the local theme of parterre walls, we designed as a folded gabion stone wall.

These walls form the boundary, while providing the required level of intimacy on the ground floor flats. In the space between the house and the walls are formed gardens, which will increase the value of flats.
Flats are orientated to the south and north, end section to the east, west. On the south there are large glass areas protected by balconies. Sun shines deep into the layout, especially in the winter months. In summer it is screened by balcony. On the north facade there are placed windows allowing beautiful views of the city. The north facade is also determined to stay - there are gardens and balconies oriented to the green. North orientation of these surfaces is optimal in the summer months, when outdoor temperatures are high and outdoor stay requires shading. The end sections are also oriented to the east and west. Layout can be solved as a 4 room, 3 room, with an open disposition how is required by the client. This variability is in accordance with the required high standard of apartments.