Villa Jevany
Villa Jevany

Villa Jevany

Refurbishment and annex

author: David Chromík
cooperation: Jindřich Brož, Daniel Appel

project: 2006
investor: Instinct s.r.o.
construction costs: CZK 40 Mio

floor space area: 1 266 m2
enclosed space: 5 680 m3
number of floors/basements: 2+1

The project solves refurbishment of existing villa of 30th of the 20th century and annex of new building so to create a representative housing and office. The building is located on one of the major plots in the village Jevany. Land is elongated, slightly sloping to the south east and has an area of ​​about one hectare. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the forest. The existing building is in the first third of the parcel. This makes it possible to divide the parcel on the front-entrance part with classically solved joining house and garden in the middle and lower part of the plot.
The new building is designed as a distinctly linear, horizontal building situated along the border of land and forest. In front of new building there are garages and caretaker's apartment, while the pool with spa and gym is oriented to the stay part.

New construction completes the articulation of spaces before and after the existing main building. Design of new buildings is determined by pursuit of neutrality and naturalness, and it points out the mass of villa with classically conceived tectonics facade.
The villa itself will be significantly adjusted. One reason is inconvenient statics the second is not very satisfactory disposition. After not quite of successful previous reconstructions original features are not preserved. On the ground floor the entrance hall is designed with a new staircase and lift, a lounge area with a dominant fireplace, lounge, kitchen and sanitary facilities. Floor is designed for parents there are placed bedrooms and study. In the attic there are situated children's rooms.
In the project it has been designed using traditional luxury materials like solid wood floors, travertine tiles, wooden tiles with the veneer of exotic wood and leather upholstery.