Malátova apartment

Prague 5 - Smíchov
Reconstruction of flat and interior design

architect: David Chromík - CAMA
cooperation: Darina Jasanská, Žaneta Mlodziková

project: 2019/ realisation: 2019-2020
investor: private

This project is focused on the reconstruction of flat 2+1 in Prague, Malátova street. The apartment was bought with a rough floor, plasterboard walls, and some energy distribution.

The task was to create a nice, cozy interior for temporary housing of private person from abroad.

The interior was designed like space for living, to feel here „at home“. The concept is based on making small, nice and cozy rooms located in the whole flat. These cozy rooms are connected by dark blue color coming through the whole apartment. For example in the living room you can find the cozy room with wooden wall claddings containing favorite pictures of the investor. He can drink here a cup of coffee in the cozy armchair or just sitting near an atmospheric lamp and thinking about life.


The lath wall claddings are also located in the dining corner. You can find some white niches integrated into this wall cladding. In the corridor is wall cladding behind the upholstered bench, hiding the electric box.

We can mention the „box“ of the bathroom in the bedroom. This box contains a copper glass window and door to the bathroom. The bathroom is tiled with profiled ceramic tiles in sandstone color and some smooth black colored tiles.

The whole apartment is united with a floor made from natural oak wood.