Park by the water

Prague 7 - Holešovice
Competition proposal

author: David Chromík - CAMA
cooperation: Diana Ivánová, Denis Pakši

realization: 2020


Four sources of inspiration, four starting points and four view.

To see, to hear, to feel and to sense.  River, green, industrial, people.

Live in the city, be in the nature.

From the stress to freedom and safety feelings.

The project focuses on the use of the natural bank of the river, on its original purpose, to be used by  visitors, not only in a narrow strip along the edge. The effort was to use the river bank in the entire depth of the area, to expand and supplement new activities interesting for local residents. Design long, promenade routes and transverse, short connections leading to significant activities concentrated on the river bank.

All elements designed in the area have natural colours and character. We preserve and support the wild, natural spirit of the park.


Park in the middle of the city and by the river at the same time. Great, a benefit that must be taken advantage of. Free access to water, cultivated river bank, new features that people will look for.  Functionally divided park. Quiet rest in a privacy and enjoyment in the team and during games. The green core of the park, lined with a circuit of trails. The waterfront is divided into three zones - a natural central for fishermen, the eastern with a gravel beach, a wooden pier and the western part with a pontoon pier for mooring of small vessels.

Wild, wild, wild and then maintained. Exhale, relax, calm thoughts and concentrate. Walk with dry feet on the footpaths and feel and perceive the nature. The park is beautiful and attractive all year round. Spring bulbs and flowering shrubs. Dominance of grasses and unmown meadows during the summer, play of colours of tree leaves and shrubs in the autumn. Quiet park in the winter, evergreen planting, lace from branches of deciduous trees and shrubs, footpaths, the water lined with dry grasses and reeds.

Trees: Quercus robur (Penduculate oak), Acer campestre (Field maple)  Shrubs: Koelreuteria paniculata, Acer tataricum (Tartare maple) – both multi-trunk. Grasses: Miscanthus sinensis (Miscanthus), Pennisetum alopecuroides (Pearl millet), Stipa tenuissima (Feather grass) Perennials: Helleborus niger (Hellebore black), Euphorbia amygdaloides (Spurge), Eryngium bourgatii (Enrygo)





Clean, safe, well-arranged. With the possibility to buy a small snack, drink from a drinker. Cool by the water, sit in the shade, walk and run. Let the children play and climb the rope climb.  Let teenagers to play street-ball, ride a pump-track. Stop at a modern conceptual installation. Listen to a concert by young street art artists.


Bridges, tracks, old lighting poles, traffic lights, railway bridge. The revived past we came from, transformed into time. Tracks used for a mobile refreshment station - a wagon, a colourful play of light on the construction of a railway bridge, the line of an old wall turned into a seating. Streetball and street art under the concrete sky. Modern lights, design benches and waste bins, steel bike stands, drinking fountains from the Czech manufacturer MMCITÉ. Construction of the port pier. Concrete pump track.


Port. A legacy from the times of our ancestors, from the end of the 19th century. Shipping, transhipments and warehouses. 1911-13 built locks and the house of a sailor, supervising the port and the operation of the lock. Author of the project František Sander, author of many water works, locks, author of hydroelectric power plants, technical enthusiast, admirer of overseas voyages. We suggest naming the park after him. The vision is to connect the eastern part of the park across the river with František Sander Street on the mainland promontory, the mainland spit.


People and their diverse wishes. Is it possible to satisfy everyone? Functionally, we divide the park. We leave a green meadow, the green core of the park for any use. We set aside a place for dogs. Old vegetable species, community gardens, dispositionally combed, left in the administration of enthusiasts. Circular hiking trails for slow walks, complemented by straight trails to interesting places. Open barrier-free entrances for mothers with prams, people in wheelchairs, children on bikes. Renewed staircase, entrance between mature trees in the axis of U Vody street, connection to the city network, nearby kindergarten. Technical entrance for launching of ships in the eastern part, new connection to new construction in the western part.