Residential complex Radlická

Prague 5
Project of multifunctional complex

David Chromík – CAMA, Tomáš Podpěra - SPATIUM
cooperation: Lenka Chromíková, Darina Jasanská, Vladimír Uzel

project: 2018 - 2019

GFA: 12000 m2
No. of AFL/UFL: 6/1
No. of flats: 69

The investor´s intention is to build a multifunctional complex in the greenery of a steep slope above Radlická street. The main function will be housing, supplemented on the ground floor by non-residential civic facilities and parking in the basements. The buildings scattered on the slope offer green living supported by the revitalization of the currently neglected park. The Radlická residential complex has two separate stages. The first stage is accessible from the northern, upper level of the land of Na Loužku street, the second stage is connected from Radlická street.

The area is located on a steep, south-facing slope, adjacent to the city park. The proposed buildings follow the urban structure of existing buildings in the northern part of the plot, consisting of smaller apartment buildings, the buildings of the proposed area complement the line development around Radlická street in the southern part of the plot at Radlická street.

Architecturally, these are individual blocks, with an all-glass parterre, residential floors with facades of light brick cladding, open through French windows and bays of deep loggias. The facade is more open towards the park and towards the top of the slope. Sun protection is provided by external blinds. The top floor designed as “retreated”.


The facades of the individual buildings gradually open towards the upper edge of the slope and allow connection with the area of ​​the adjacent vegetation of the city park, the top floor is designed as “retreated” and has a terrace; sun protection is provided by external blinds.
The residential units use the slope configuration and connect with private terraces at ground level to the surrounding greenery, roofs with extensive greenery architecturally complement the aesthetics of the whole area and connect individual buildings with private green areas.