VTP Dubá, science and technology park
VTP Dubá, science and technology park

VTP Dubá, science and technology park

Nedamovská 252, Dubá
Refurbishment and annex

author: David Chromík – CAMA
cooperation: Jindřich Matějka, Veronika Jugová

project: 2011-2012
investor: PDI a.s.
construction costs: CZK 175 Mio

floor space area: 2 517 m2
architectural volume: 12 990 m3
number of floors/basements: 4/0

The building is located in the industrial zone in Duba village in the original dairy historical building.
The project is refurbishment and completion, based on the original quality of the object and place.The main objective of VTP - Duba is to provide small and medium-size company incubation environment with supporting effective innovation process, up to commercial maturity and marketing of the resulting innovative products. At the same time VTP Duba would focus on the area of ​​transfer of advanced technologies that are directly related to the basic subject of research and development of VTP - Duba.
The basis of the project is to provide administrative support, service, laboratory space with adequate instrumentation, workshop facilities, meeting and lecture rooms and basic machinery

and technological equipment for production of synthetic gas that will be used for further research and application. The contract owner is an applicant for a grant from the subsidy program OPEI - Prosperity.
The project deals with complex modification of the site in its existing borders with the greatest possible use of existing buildings. Restoration of the original appearance of the dairy building before the bombing in May 1945 is planned. Newly built hall will be added on the object, technically meaning the current structure with lightweight construction. The composition naturally responds to the original.