Žižkov II
Žižkov II
Žižkov II

Žižkov II

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Residential Area – Cargo station Žižkov II. – tender study – finalists

author: David Chromík
cooperation: Jindřich Matějka, Klára Sedláková, Jindřich Brož

project: 2004 – Area utilisation study
investor: SUDOP Group, a.s.

The study undertakes utilisation of a part of the land of the Nákladové nádraží Žizkov (Žižkov Cargo Railway Station) in its north-east part. It is a preliminary town planning study of the new residential complex presenting broader relations and possible future development of the area.
The goal of the design is creating quality housing on neglected lots of the railway and in its close vicinity. The total area of rails will be substantially reduced.

At the cleared place will be established new communications and green areas that together with the near park form a backbone for placing a new structure of apartment buildings.
Three alternatives take into consideration basic architectural, transport, spatial, or operational links within the location. The study develops mutual relations of isolated buildings, free blocks as well as spot high-rise buildings.
The existing rugged landscape with different vertical levels and distinct relief bend is used to strengthen compositional and recreational functions of greenery.